Create your own scholarship program with Crowd Sch…

12 Sep 2020

Over the past three years, Crowd Scholar has received over 350 applications from disadvantaged students attending nearly 200 different sixth forms across the UK. To complete our application, applicants provide their grades, details on…

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Announcing our 2020 Crowd Scholar Grantees

24 Jul 2020

Crowd Scholar is proud to announce its 2020 Crowd Scholars. Our three Scholars were selected from a pool of 185 applicants following an intensive application process consisting of a written application and two rounds of interviews. This year, more…

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Crowd Scholar partners with the John Bennett Trust

21 Jul 2020

We are pleased to announce that Crowd Scholar has entered into a three-year partnership agreement with the John Bennett Trust (registered charity number 1053014). The Trust is backing a £1,500 annual scholarship to be granted to…

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UPDATE: Jason Chau named the “Felix Boyeaux Crowd…

19 Jun 2019

We are pleased to announce that Jason is now “The Felix Boyeaux Crowd Scholar”! Throughout our 2017-2018 campaign, we advertised the fact that our largest individual (…

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UPDATE: Alaa Lafta named “Dickie Chan Crowd Schola…

29 May 2019

Throughout the 2017-18 campaign, we advertised the fact that a randomly selected donor who contributed more than £20 to Crowd Scholar would have the opportunity to name Alaa Lafta’s scholarship. Following a draw from a litt…

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A second round of applications

17 Jan 2019

In an effort to provide as many eligible students as possible the opportunity to apply to become Crowd Scholars, we have decided to run a second rounds of applications, extending the deadline to the 24th of March

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Partnership Announcement: Up Learn

21 Sep 2018

Crowd Scholar is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Up Learn, the groundbreaking all-in-one learning and revision tool for A Levels that guarantees A*/A results. Up Learn, like Crowd Scholar, is dedicated to helping disadvantaged students fight educat…

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New Partner: Tutorfair

01 Mar 2018

Helping high-achieving students from disadvantaged backgrounds attend the university of their dreams is Crowd Scholar’s core mission, and while financial assistance often takes the spotlight in this process, providing a support structure to ensure our scholars…

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