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Jason Chau

Durham | Economics

The Felix Boyeaux Crowd Scholar


From the Trustees

Jason achieves exceptional grades, tutors, and writes his own economics blog - all while helping to care for his parents and older sister. He is ambitious, mature, and determined. His humility and willingness to learn from others define him . As a result of his extraordinary achievements, Jason has been named The Felix Boyeaux Crowd Scholar.

Please read on to learn more about Jason - you can find his application essay, short answer response, grades, and teacher recommendation below.

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Labour Economics

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Application Essay

‘One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world’ ~ Malala Yousafzai


This quote from an advocate, activist and even an iconoclast epitomises the power of education and what you can do with it. Education has had a significant impact in shaping who I am, in particular by providing me with daily motivation due to its long-term ability to lift people out of the poverty cycle. Education gives me the ability to improve the qualities of life for myself, my family and my friends. The more you put into education the more you get out and luck plays little part in your success. It has built permanent values within me - hard work, determination and a thirst for knowledge and understanding in my subjects, particularly in economics. It has encouraged me to always strive for better, and to always persevere in whatever I do. In particular, my education has provided me with a moral compass to always try to do the right thing at home. I do things above what is expected of a typical 17-year-old, looking after my ill parents and sister. As a result of my education, I know I am the best at English in my household so I draft letters, check forms and legal documents and do some basic translation. I also know that I am the most physically-able, so I do jobs around the house. This is whilst also studying to get the best grades that I can in a stressful, noisy and confined environment. I know however that despite the vast number of difficulties that I am faced with, education can be the solution to my problems and this spurs me on every day.


Education has also taught me to give back to society, by sharing my knowledge in order to help other students. Whether that be informally in class or more formally during my economics junior mentoring sessions, I always try to help those I can, giving my utmost attention and effort. I am always willing to share what I have learnt when it can help someone who is wanting to improve and perhaps make their way up the social ladder, much like myself.


Despite my circumstances, education has provided many opportunities for myself and I hope this will continue in the future. There have been many times in my life where I have felt like giving up, but education as well as music has given me a motive and a focus, in my day-to-day life and in my future dreams to relieve some hardships of my life. Education has empowered me and made me into the person that I am today, I hope that further education continually improves me and allows me to be an active, respectable and generous member of society.

Why Crowd Scholar?

Winning this scholarship would provide me with security to pursue my interest in economics at university without the constant stress over financial issues that have plagued my life. With my hardships at home, I hope that the scholarship can reward me for my hard work despite the stressful circumstances that I have become accustomed to. I sometimes feel saddened at my achievements compared to some of my peers. However, I always try to look on the positive side and see what I have achieved despite my difficult situation. Winning this scholarship would relieve a lot of pressure from me as recognition for my hard-earned achievements, and give me an indication that I am doing things right, both for my family and in society.


It would make me overjoyed that I have been given a platform to build upon and I think I will grow even further if I know that people believe in me, appreciate my circumstances and know I have much more to give to my family and this world. Above all, I would be sincerely grateful if such a significant scholarship and opportunity was given to me. I hope that I can make the donors proud and inspire others in a similar position to myself that with determination and perseverance, there’s just no telling how far you'll go...

Chemistry - B

A-Level (Predicted)

Economics - A*

A-Level (Predicted)

Government and Politics - A

A-Level (Predicted)

Mathematics - A

A-Level (Predicted)

Biology - A


Chemistry - A*


Economics - A


English Language - A


English Literature - A*


FSMQ Additional Maths - B


Geography - A*


Mathematics - A*


Physics - A*


Religious Studies - A*


French - A*


Teacher Recommendation

I have known Jason for almost two years in my role as Head of Sixth Form. The first words that come to mind to describe Jason are determined to succeed, serious, very likeable, and tough life.

Jason is such a nice young man who came to this highly academic school determined to make the most of the education we offer. We have spoken a lot and it is true to say that life is quite tough for him - parents are very supportive, but can't always offer the help, advice and resources which Jason needs. He is absolutely committed to achieve highly and puts in a huge amount of work to achieve his goals. Jason is completely reliable and consistent where work ethic and deadlines are concerned and always contributes well in class. Jason is very easy to support, in that he is so willing to give back and to act on advice given; all his teachers want him to do well. Jason has gained in confidence over the period of the A level and is expected to achieve a fine set of grades - A* for Economics (described as and outstanding student), A for Maths and Politics, and B for Chemistry.


I recommend Jason very strongly for any support you can offer - he will repay you in hard work, enthusiasm and good humour.


From his teachers:


Politics: Jason produces analytical work that focuses on the challenges of studying Political Theories and Concepts in Y13. He is able to evaluate significant quantities of reading in order to distinguish between a range of political thinkers and identify the strengths and weaknesses in their arguments. His recent practise exam question on comparing Classical with New Liberalism scored 22/25, equivalent to 88% / A grade.


Economics: Jason has a very quick grasp of this subject, understanding even the most complex aspects of the A level well.  He has a strong knowledge of economic issues and events and has skills of analysis & evaluation that enable him to perform highly in economic essays. In addition to excelling in lesson, Jason does his own Economics blog and is a regular at the KEGS Economics Society lunchtime talks. Jason is doing an EPQ on Economics – specifically to do with the Hong Kong economy.  Jason wrote a piece on the Minimum wage for the KEGS Economics Journal & also took part in this year’s Student Investor competition. Jason studies economic news through sources including the Economist.


Maths: Jason shows interest and insight into problem solving. He can manipulate the required algebra on the page with confidence, and can present solutions clearly, with good graphical or geometric constructions. He has an ability to converse about the concepts and ask appropriate questions.  He is capable of producing clear and precise solutions for homework and works well with others in class.


Chemistry: Jason is an enthusiastic student of Chemistry and a proficient practical chemist who keeps good experimental records and who can analyse his results effectively. He has demonstrated an ability to carry out many key practical techniques, including titration, distillation and recrystallization. Jason is a conscientious student who keeps up to date with his work and meets deadlines. In year 13 he is becoming more confident and his verbal answers in class are good. He has achieved a very sound understanding of the organic chemistry topics studied.

Head of Sixth Form, King Edward VI School

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