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Efia Amankwa

Imperial | Physics

The [Highest Donor] Crowd Scholar


From the Trustees

Efia enjoys playing the viola, mastering mathematics and the sciences, and is the first in her family to attend university. She is ebullient, diligent, and a leader. As a result of her extraordinary achievements, Efia has been named The [Highest Individual Donor] Crowd Scholar.

Strange name for a scholarship? Not quite. The donor that gives the most towards helping the 2018-19 Crowd Scholars with their university educations will be able to name Efia’s scholarship.

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Career Aspirations

Aerospace Engineer

Application Essay

Describe a role model of yours. After you explain who they are and why you look up to them, criticise a decision they have made.

Michelle Obama is an inspirational figure to me, due to the determination, diligence and dedication that she has shown throughout her life to achieve her goals. Despite being from a low income family and experiencing the loss of her father at a young age she continued to work hard, especially in her academic life. This is shown especially in her application to Princeton University - an Ivy League university. Obama was told that she was being too ambitious and overestimating her abilities. However, despite all odds, she still applied to the university  and gained a place. This highlights her perseverance and fortitude, which is truly inspirational. While at university, Obama contributed her time to the ‘Third World Center’. A society that helped support minority groups within the university. Moreover, Obama experienced imposter syndrome seeing as she was a black woman in a predominantly white space; feeling that her race and gender made her inferior to others. By the time she graduated she developed confidence in herself deciding that she can be both ‘black and brilliant’.  

As a very popular and well liked figure many hoped that Michelle Obama would run for president. However, Michelle Obama was adamant that she would not run in the elections. Also, Obama advocates for women to have ‘confidence and fortitude’. I believe that running for president should be an expression of confidence and the fortitude, therefore being a role model to other women.  Yet, I respect Obama's decision as it shows that she has evaluated the suitability of the role to her expertise.Indeed, becoming president of the United States is a very large responsibility and making uninformed and incorrect decisions can impact the lives of a lot of people. I think that is an important skill: to be honest with yourself in understanding what your limits are and knowing when to push yourself in a way that would impact your life and other’s lives positively to grow as a person. 

Obama’s disposition is also what makes her a role model let alone her academic achievements. This is especially seen in her humanitarian work; always putting people first. Before becoming first Lady, she was an executive director of a non-profit organisation. Her conscious decision to choose a position that met her professional abilities but also using her expertise in managing a company for the greater good shows her passion and consideration for others that have not received the opportunities that she had received. 

To conclude, Obama’s life has taught me the essence of self-belief, confidence and resilience in achieving goals. Her decisions have taught me how to strike a balance between overestimating your abilities whilst pushing yourself to grow as a person. Her good character and the way she gives her time to helping others, is very commendable and this has been shown throughout her life. It inspires me to be a good person and to help the community I live in, despite the challenges and opposition I may face. 

Why Crowd Scholar?

I have conditional offers from Imperial and King’s college london. It has always been a dream of mine to get into such prestigious universities, especially since I am a first generation student- the first in my family to go to university.  I am aware that the cost of living in London is very expensive therefore a Crowd scholar scholarship would aid in heavily subsidising the financial costs of my undergraduate degree. I hope in the future to obtain research opportunities and to be able to study around the world. This is only plausible if my academic achievement during my time at university is exemplary. 

I am passionate about physics and I would love to go to a prestigious university that will help cultivate my problem solving and help further my knowledge in this subject area.  During my time at university, I hope to use my position as an undergraduate to promote the need for diversity in physics (especially for BME women) and in further education institutions. Having the Crowd scholarship will give me that opportunity as it relieves a lot of financial burden, allowing me the opportunity to be a part of these extra-curricular and volunteering activities that I aim to do.

My mother is a lone parent and she provides for 2 people- my brother and I. Receiving the scholarship will be an honour as this financial aid will give me the opportunity to have an easier university experience where I can concentrate on my student life and grow into a well rounded individual.


Further Mathematics - A*

A Level

Mathematics - A*

A Level

Physics - A*

A Level

Mathematics - 9


English Language - 9


Further Mathematics - A*


English Literature - 9


French - A*


Geography - A*


Theology & Philosophy - A*


Physics - A*


Chemistry - A*


Biology - A


Teacher Recommendation

I have been Efia's sixth form tutor since she started as a Year 12 pupil. The first words that come to mind to describe Efia are "incredibly bright" and "academically curious."

Efia is an extremely talented academic student who achieved exceptionally well at GCSE. She is also a kind and active member of our school community, keen to use her leadership skills to help others. As a Senior Prefect for Year 7 and a Physics mentor, Efia has gained experience of organising live events, giving presentations and coaching younger pupils.

Efia is an industrious, friendly Physics student who is quick to ensure that there is nothing she doesn't understand, seeking immediate clarification on topics either through questioning or independent research. She is in the top 10 students out of a cohort of over 40 highly able girls in a selective school. Efia is studious and reads around the subject, bringing forward ideas to discuss in class. As someone who is dedicated to excellence, she is enthusiastic and is always a willing participant in group discussions and in practical work.  Her assessed experiments prove that she is competent in her skills at the first time of asking and her work is always completed to a good standard. She is very strong mathematically and is capable of presenting her methods clearly and with rationality, while her written answers demonstrate application of knowledge in reasoned arguments. Outside of the classroom, Efia is writing an article for the school's Physics magazine.

In Mathematics and Further Mathematics, Efia is a dedicated, very able and determined student who grasps concepts quickly and correctly and applies her knowledge thoughtfully and successfully. She is conscientious in all that she does and sets herself high standards which she works diligently to achieve. Efia has an excellent knowledge and understanding of all the mathematical concepts taught, enjoys the challenge of new ideas and is quick to see the links between different areas of the subject. Her solutions to mathematical problems are logical and concise, make effective use of mathematical language and show a mature understanding of underlying principles. On meeting new ideas in her applied modules she rapidly becomes conversant with them and asks intelligent questions to build her understanding. Efia's solid reasoning and logic skills mean that she can identify the limitations of a mathematical model and consider the context of the problem in the conclusions that she draws. Efia also takes advantage of every opportunity for enrichment outside of school, attending lectures to advance her problem solving ability. She works with dedication and maturity and undertakes considerable independent study. Efia’s enthusiasm and drive to learn more makes her an asset to the classroom.

A keen English Literature student, Efia was motivated and conscientious throughout Year 12. She was actively involved in group discussions and willing to express her opinions and challenge ideas and assumptions in a perceptive and analytical way. Efia demonstrated her passion for Literature through extensive further reading and this became evident in her writing. Her essays were of an exceptionally high standard – they were often shared as exemplars.

Within the wider community, Efia has completed the NCS summer programme, is volunteering at the Church Vacation Bible School and has achieved a Gold Crest Engineering Award. She is a keen member of the school's Senior Orchestra, the Afro-Caribbean Society and Christian Union. Efia demonstrates resilience and drive, is academically curious and a credit to our school. We recommend her to you as one of our brightest and best.

Director of Faculty (English, Classics, Drama, and Media), Wallington High School for Girls

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