UPDATE: Jason Chau named the “Felix Boyeaux Crowd Scholar”

19 Jun 2019

We are pleased to announce that Jason is now “The Felix Boyeaux Crowd Scholar”! Throughout our 2017-2018 campaign, we advertised the fact that our largest individual (i.e. non corporate) donor would have the opportunity to name Jason Chau’s scholarship. Following the official end of our campaign, Felix Boyeaux topped the individual donor charts! Felix is an investor based in San Francisco, and we would like to thank him once again for his contribution.

We are set to announce our 2018-19 scholars within the next few weeks. Once again, we will be giving the donor who contributed the most the opportunity to name a scholarship. Help us support our deserving scholars by donating here now.

Lastly, a brief update on The Felix Boyeaux Crowd Scholar, Jason Chau. Last year, following his A Level exams, Jason made the decision to take a gap year, moving his start date at the University of Durham to September 2019 instead. As a result, his £1,450 scholarship, in a decision supported by both trustees and donors, was deferred by one year as well. Jason has spent his gap year working at UpLearn (one of Crowd Scholar’s partners) and is set to complete an internship at St. James Place Wealth Management in August.

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