UPDATE: Alaa Lafta named “Dickie Chan Crowd Scholar”

29 May 2019

Throughout the 2017-18 campaign, we advertised the fact that a randomly selected donor who contributed more than £20 to Crowd Scholar would have the opportunity to name Alaa Lafta’s scholarship. Following a draw from a little black bag of donor names, we are pleased to announce that Alaa is now … (drum roll, even though it's in the title!) … “The Dickie Chan Crowd Scholar”!

Dickie Chan is lawyer currently living in London. We assume he is one of the few that currently has a scholarship named after him!

We are set to announce our 2018-19 scholars within the next few weeks. Once again, we will be giving one donor who contributed £20 or more the opportunity to name a scholarship. Help us get support our deserving scholars by donating here now.

Lastly, a brief update on The Dickie Chan Crowd Scholar, Alaa Lafta. Last year, following her A Level exams, Alaa made the decision to reapply to universities and pursue a degree in English rather than in Architecture. As a result, her £1,450 scholarship, in a decision supported both by trustees and donors, was deferred by one year. We are now happy to announce that Alaa has been accepted to UCL to study English. Alaa has spent her gap year working as a teaching assistant at a nursery school and is hoping to get some experience in publishing prior to starting in September.

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