Presenting the Crowd Scholars

21 Dec 2017

Following an extensive and rigorous application process, we are delighted to present Charles Hampton-Evans, Alaa Lafta and Jason Chau as our winning Crowd Scholars.

Charles has created multiplayer games, built his own remote admin tools, and has an infectious love for all things computers - despite not having internet or a computer at home until he was 13. He is grounded, bright, and kind. As a result of his extraordinary achievements, Charles has been named The 2017-18 Crowd Scholar. Click here to see Charles’s full profile

Jason achieves exceptional grades, tutors, and writes his own economics blog - all while being a carer to his two parents and younger sister. He is ambitious, mature, and determined. As a result of his extraordinary achievements, Jason has been named The [First Name Last Name] Crowd Scholar. Always dreamt of being [First Name Last Name]? Here’s your change. Whoever donates the most to Crowd Scholar earns the right to name Jason’s scholarship. Click here to check out Jason’s full profile

Born to Iraqi immigrants and raised in London, Alaa excels academically and uses poetry to explore and express her identity and the proverbial clash of cultures she lives every day. She is precocious, big-hearted, and introspective. As a result of her extraordinary achievements, Alaa has been named The [First Name Last Name] Crowd Scholar. Strange name for a scholarship? Not quite - any donor that donates £20 or more will be entered into a lottery for the right to name Alaa’s scholarship. Click here to check out Alaa’s full profile

To get involved in funding a future for these exceptional students from disadvantaged backgrounds, click here.

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