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12 Sep 2020

Over the past three years, Crowd Scholar has received over 350 applications from disadvantaged students attending nearly 200 different sixth forms across the UK. To complete our application, applicants provide their grades, details on their extracurricular activities, and a teacher recommendation on top of writing an essay and responding to a short answer question. Our applicant pool is driven, diverse, and growing, and we are ready to leverage this application pipeline to support other like-minded entities in establishing their own scholarship programs.

These scholarship programs will run alongside our own, and will allow disadvantaged students to apply to a number of different opportunities through one common application. Partner scholarships must target some population of students from disadvantaged backgrounds and do not cost anything to set up. We have always believed that every pound donated should go directly to students in need. Partners can also expect the personal involvement of the trustees in all aspects of the scholarship and can be as involved as they find comfortable in running their scholarship.

A longer list of some the ways corporates can work with Crowd Scholar is provided below: 

  1. Custom Scholarships - Use our infrastructure, school relationships, and application partners to create your own scholarship that targets a population of your choice. Leverage our board and diverse applicant pool.
  2. Internships - Help develop our Crowd Scholars through work experience. Our database of driven and deserving applicants can also be tapped for a broader program.
  3. Naming Rights - Sponsor one of our existing scholars in exchange for naming rights and publicity.
  4. Fundraising Events - Partner with Crowd Scholar to organize an event and raise funds for a meaningful cause. 
  5. Donations - Donate to Crowd Scholar in exchange for partnership status and publicity.

 Get in touch with us at to find out how we can work together.


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