A chat with Imperial

07 Feb 2018

Crowd Scholar co-founder and trustee Alexander De Kegel had a chat with Celia Pearce from the Imperial College London Business School about the motivation for launching Crowd Scholar and the challenges faced in getting it up and running.

Amongst other things Celia asked where the idea to launch Crowd Scholar came from:

“I co-founded Crowd Scholar with a childhood friend of mine, David, who worked at one of the most challenging academies in the country as a Teach First participant. There, he taught and interacted with students who, despite challenging conditions, showed great potential. One day David sent me a text that led to a dialogue centred on why high-achieving students from disadvantaged backgrounds did not receive more support, recognition and encouragement. From there on it was just a question of what, not if, we would do something. I have long been a believer in crowdfunding and after a bit of research was pleasantly surprised by the amount of money that was being donated to individuals’ educations through crowdfunding platforms. However, a lot of campaigns were organised for years abroad or master’s degrees, and campaigns were either over- or under-funded. In short, the allocation of funds was not efficient and not directed towards those who arguably need it most. Therefore, we decided to mix the ‘power of the crowd’ with a centralised fund, taking the best of both worlds, as well as add on some donor engagement for good measure.”

Follow the link below to see the full interview:


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